Health Corner

Emerging Health Threats to your Health you Need to Know

  •  health threatAir Pollution and Climate Change is killing 7 million people World-wide every year.
  • Non-communicable Diseases such as diabetes, Cancer and heart diseases are responsible for 70% of all deaths globally i.e. approximately 41 million people.
  • Global Influenza Pandemic is thought to be in the offing. Vaccination against Influenza remains a challenge.
  • Fragile and vulnerable living conditions; 22% of the global population is affected by drought, famine conflict and population displacement making access to basic Healthcare impossible.
  • Antimicrobial Resistance. The resistance of bacteria, parasites, viruses and Fungi against the commonly used medicines is posing a threat to humanity.
  • Ebola and other High-threat Pathogens; recently killed over 1,000 people in D.R Congo and the threat has not yet been contained.
  • Weak Primary Healthcare; Health care continues to get little budgetary allocations in many 3rd World countries. Devolution of Health care in Kenya has made it even worse.
  • Vaccine hesitancy; there is a tendency of politicizing vaccination by some misguided religious beliefs reversing gains that had already be made in many fronts.
  • Dengue Fever; It is a Mosquito borne disease which is lethal to most victims. 40% of World population is at risk of Dengue.
  • HIV; In spite of gains made so far by getting people tested and provision of Anti Retro-Viral drugs, HIV continues to spread and has so far killed more than 35 million people globally.

From the Healing Ministry of Health Professionals