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Eye Issues Contd - Glaucoma: “The Silent Thief of Sight”

glaucomaGlaucoma refers to a disease where there is progressive damage to the nerve of the eye (optic nerve).

It is the most common cause of irreversible blindness worldwide.

Risk factors for glaucoma

  • Raised eye pressure.

Others include

  • Age above 65 years
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • African race
  • Family history of glaucoma


It has no symptoms in the early stages and only noticed when advanced and therefore referred to as the “Silent Thief of Sight.” Late symptoms include seeing haloes, tunnel vision, blurring of vision, and blindness.


Eye drops to lower eye pressure. In more advanced cases tablets, laser treatment or surgery may be required to lower the eye pressure and stop further nerve damage.


Screening - examination by an eye specialist including eye pressure measurement - is recommended for all individuals aged 35 years and above. Visual field testing helps detect early disease and monitor established disease.

By the Healing Ministry of Health Professionals