Health Corner

Eye Issues - Eye Safety At The Work Place.

eye careIf your job includes striking, scraping, grinding or the handling of dangerous chemicals always wear protective eyewear at work. These include goggles, face shields, and safety glasses. These should be made preferably of polycarbonate material, which is strong. It should also be relevant to the nature of your work.

For people with only one functional eye- ALWAYS wear protective eyeglasses and avoid contact sports or hazardous professions. Remove protective eyewear when going to the shower and to sleep. Have an annual checkup with an eye doctor to ensure the continued good health of your only eye. 

Incase of chemical splashes to the eyes; irrigate copiously with clean water and only then transfer to the nearest health facility.

For those working with computers, adjust screen brightness to limit glare, take short breaks every 30-45 minutes to look away from the monitor and to blink as this prevents unnecessary dryness of the eyes.

From the Healing Ministry of Health Professionals