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Factors that help reduce your chances of developing Cancer (Part 2)

Food Storage

Food storage particularly cereals in cool dry place is absolutely important. In dampy facilities, cereals can develop Aflatoxins which when ingested is associated with Liver Cancer. Cereals like maize should be dried well before storage to avoid the growth of a Fungus called Aspergillus which causes Aflatoxins.

Microwave heating of Food in Plastics

Heating food in a microwave while still wrapped in plastics is dangerous and should be avoided. Some chemicals used in making plastics are potentially Carcinogenic when exposed to extreme heat and may leak into food during heating. To avoid this, it is recommended to use Glass or Ceramic containers to heat food.

Antioxidants in Fruits

Several Fruits and Vegetables have antioxidants which are important in reducing Mouth, Throat and Lung cancers. Having these in your diet regularly is recommended in order to reduce the Cancer burden.

From the Healing Ministry of Health Professionals