Health Corner

Health Benefits of Music

musicListening to music has several health benefits among them includes:

  • Improves mood: helps regulate emotions, and creates happiness and relaxation.
  • Reduces stress: Listening to music has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in healthy people and in patients undergoing medical procedures.
  • Lessens anxiety: Listening to music has been shown to reduce anxiety in patients undergoing treatment for cancer.
  • Improves exercise: Music can enhance aerobic exercises, boost mental and physical stimulation.
  • Improves Memory, eases pain, provides comfort, and improves cognition.
  • Helps children with Autism spectrum disorder to improve social interaction, communication skills, and attention skills
  • Soothes premature Babies: Live music and lullabies may impact vital signs, improve feeding behaviors and sucking patterns in premature infants
  • We join our choirs in celebrating the gift of music that keeps us healthy to the glory and honor of God.

From the Healing Ministry of Health Professionals