Prayer and Fasting


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"Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor" Zechariah 7:10.

Pray that the leadership in Kenya will focus on bringing justice to widows, orphans, fatherless and for the Lord to destroy every evil altar constructed against them in the name of Jesus.

1. Pray that Kenyans will not oppress the widows and orphans and that God will arise and scatter every conspiracy in

the heavenliness that is against the widows and orphans.

2. Pray that Christians will act with wisdom, compassion and persistence to reach out to those suffering because of

3. Pray that the name of Jesus will be declared among those who are bereaved with the demonstration and power in
the Spirit, where God's love becomes personal and tangible to them.

4. Pray that Christians will work wisely, trusting God to work powerfully, in order to bring spiritual and emotional healing to many widows and orphans and foreigners of goodwill in this land.
5. Pray that God will strengthen the capacity of families, communities and well-wishers for the orphans to access basic essential needs such as shelter, food, clothing as well as school fees and basic health care.

6. Pray that Christ will lift the economic hardship( s) that widows and orphans experience

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